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Major shifts in automotive buying trends have caused hardships at all levels of the aftermarket. But while some automobile-focused businesses may have to contend with moving from larger to smaller cars, those in the light-truck aftermarket have to contend with a mass exodus of the buying public from light trucks and SUVs altogether. These factors combine to produce challenges unparalleled in the history of the aftermarket to date, but they also open unique opportunities. When polled on the challenges and opportunities in today’s market, LTAA Select Committee members offered some interesting perspectives. Common to almost all of the responses was an emphasis on training and education. Read more...

Ron DiVincenzo - LTAA Chairman - 2007

Ron DiVincenzo
LTAA Chairman


Mission Statement:
The primary goal of LTAA is to encourage product quality as well as service and business practices benefiting manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and customers alike. More...


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