Ask Chris Kersting


Better, Not Just Bigger…



Question: Every year the SEMA Show grows larger and presents more of what’s new from the industry. While this is good for our businesses, what are SEMA’s plans to make the Show better as it grows bigger?

Recognizing that bigger is “good” but that “better” is the valuable target, the association is taking steps to help our exhibitors and attendees have a great experience and take away more value from the SEMA Show as it grows. Among the many improvements to add value and make the Show more manageable, look for these changes and new features to help you have a great SEMA Show this year:

The growth of the SEMA Show is largely a reflection of the growth and diversification of the specialty automotive segment. We now have more niches representing new consumer trends and an increasing number of innovative new products unveiled at SEMA every year. The industry is thriving with this growth, and you can trust that SEMA will be doing all it can to make the Show better and more valuable as the industry grows. This year’s Show will be no exception, and we can’t wait to see the industry’s stunning display of products and tricked-out vehicles at the 2006 SEMA Show.