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Cold-Air Intake Buyer’s Guide

The Latest Products Available from the Manufacturers

As a companion piece to “Cold-Air Intakes”, we canvassed the intake manufacturers for a look at their latest offerings. The products shown here represent submissions that include a range of intake types and systems.

Impulse Thermocharger Hot-Air Intake System

Impulse Engine Technology P/L says that its new technology uses a thermostatically controlled hot-air intake housing, a cold cooling system and a unique ignition advance curve to produce more power than cold-air intake systems by increasing the speed and pressure of combustion without pre-ignition (pinging).

Impulse Engine Technology P/L
P.O. Box 986
Randwick NSW 2031
+(612) 9662 1577  

Cold-Air Intake Systems from aFe

Advanced FLOW engineering says that its Super Stock incorporates an OE replacement filter and intake tube; its Magnum FORCE Stage 1 increases filter surface area by replacing the factory air box with an air box/heat shield that houses a large radial flow filter; and its Magnum FORCE Stage 2 adds an intake tube to Stage 1. The company says that these systems provide between 9 hp and 6 ft-lbs of torque and 17 hp and 27 ft-lbs of torque.

advanced FLOW engineering
191 Granite Street
Corona, CA

Outerwears Prefilter

Outerwears says that the prefilter is a must for the added performance a cold-air intake offers. A prefilter is said to act as a breathable barrier that deflects clogging debris that eventually slows the flow of air passing through high-performance filters. It also adds water-repellency protection that reduces the risk of water ingestion and water absorption. Prefilters are said to work well in all environments and add a custom look to any engine.

Outerwears, Inc.
12611 U.S. Hwy. 131
Schoolcraft, MI 49087

ABD Racing LAN Pipe Intake System

ABD Racing offers fresh-air intake systems for most modern Audi and Volkswagen automobiles. All LAN Pipe intake systems are constructed from 3-inch mandrel-bent stainless tubing that is ceramic coated for heat resistance and corrosion protection. Once installed, the air-filter element is located directly behind the bumper skin to ensure filter protection from road debris and still allow fresh air into the intake system.

Autobahn Designs, Inc./ABD Racing
2900 Adams street Ste. B27
Riverside. CA 92504

NEUSPEED Race Series Cold-Air Intake

NEUSPEED’s Race Series Cold-Air Intake kit features a 3-inch tube and is manufactured using lightweight aluminum tubing with a black powdercoat wrinkle finish. Rubber isolated mounting reduces vibration and protects the MAF sensor. The Race Series Cold-Air Intake places the filter element in the front driver’s side inner fender compartment to draw cooler air for an 8- to 12hp gain depending on the application.

3300 Corte Malpaso
Camarillo, CA 93012

PowerAdder Modular Air Intake System

Spectre Performance says that The Power-Adder Modular Air Intake System is the only modular air intake system on the planet. It is said to fit any vehicle with infinite possible configurations. The individual pieces are connected to create the intake that suits the vehicle. The company says that a cold-air or ram-air system can be added on any vehicle without the high cost of fabricating a custom intake.

Spectre Performance
1720 So. Carlos Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761

2005 Mustang GT Air Intake System

AIRAID says that its new intake system for the 2005 Mustang V8 is actually two intake systems in one. The AIRAID intake utilizes Modular Venturi Technology to generate an additional 17 horsepower and 21 lb/ft of torque while maintaining proper air and fuel ratios. The system’s removable Modular Venturi Tube (MVT) also allows for additional horsepower and torque gains with customer-provided custom electronic tuning.

Airaid Filter Company
2688 E. Rose Garden Ln.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

P.I.T. Cold-Air Intakes

Performance Import Trends offers its cold-air intakes for the sport-compact market. These intakes are CNC mandrel-bent with stainless-steel t-bolt clamps and silicone-reinforced boots. Other features include an anti-vibration mount, high-flow four-layer cotton gauze and Green filters. Silver and gunmetal finishes are available.

Performance Import Trends
P.O. Box 3090
Des Moines, IA 50316

ECOTEC High-Flow Intake

RK Sport offers this aluminum intake custom manufactured for the popular 2.2L ECOTEC Cavaliers and Sunfires. Complete with RK Sport’s million-mile washable air filter, this performance-enhancing accessory is sure to be enjoyed by enthusiasts, the company says. Fits both manual and automatic 2002-2005 Cavalier 2.2L and 2002-2005 Sunfire 2.2L.

RK Sport
26900 Jefferson Ave.
Murrieta, CA 92562

AEM Cold-Air Induction Systems

AEM says that its air induction systems are manufactured and assembled in the USA and are dyno-proven to outperform every intake system on the market. Every AEM intake system includes mandrel-bent, 6061 aluminum piping with TIG-welded fittings and brackets, a proprietary DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter that filters at 99% efficiency down to one micron, is reusable and never needs oil, complete installation hardware and comprehensive installation instructions.

2205 126th Street, Unit A
Hawthorne, CA 90250

WMS High-Velocity Intake for 2005 Mustang GT

Western Motorsports’ newest High-Velocity Intake takes advantage of the front-mounted throttle body on the 2005 Mustang GT. This kit includes a CNC-machined billet-aluminum mass air meter, high-flow air filter, urethane couplers and brackets and hoses to relocate the coolant overflow tank. The mass air meter is offered in stock or larger 95mm sizes. An optional ram-air box is also available that will funnel air to the filter from the front grille at speed.

Western Motorsports, Inc.
223114 Range Rd 285.
Calgary, AB
T2P 2G6

Power Hood Ram-Air System

The APM Automotive Power Hood ram-air system is a true ram-air hood system that force feeds cold air through the hood vents into the engine’s intake under pressure. The system delivers more horsepower to the engine along with better fuel efficiency than a simple cold-air intake. With the Power Hood ram-air system, the hood intake system seals onto the air box to force cold air into the throttle body.

APM Automotive Inc.
17490 East st.
North Ft. Myers, Fl 33917

Ford F-250 & F-350 Safari Snorkels

ARB USA offers a Safari Snorkel for Ford F-250 and F-350 models manufactured from July 2001 to 2004 with a 7.3L Powerstroke V8 diesel. The snorkel relocates the factory air intake position to the highest point on the vehicle, reducing water ingestion during stream crossings and reducing road dust and debris from being ingested in to the engine. Drawing air from a higher position, the engine is treated to cooler, cleaner air with higher density.

720 SW 34th Street
Renton, WA 98055-4814

Intake-System Technology From Outlaw

Outlaw, a division of Envisia Technologies, has introduced new intake-system technology. This utility patent-pending, sealed-system design uses a contoured air filter top, an inverted velocity-stack and greater filter area. The enclosed air box shields the air-intake charge and air filter from trail dust, road grime and torque-robbing heat. This provides complete protection for high-torque engine demands. System features work together to reduce air turbulence, increase air velocity and maximize power.

Envisia Technologies Corporation
760 E. Central Ave Unit 4
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Xintake Stainless-Steel Filter Kit

Give your customer’s diesel engine the unrestricted air flow it needs to put all that diesel power to the wheels! BD says that it provides 200% more air flow over stock and is designed for maximum air flow, allowing for quicker turbo and throttle response, lower exhaust temperature and increased power output. Polished stainless-steel enclosure, certified welds and a washable, free-flowing performance air filter. For Dodge, Duramax and Powerstroke Diesels. Starting at $295 U.S.

PO Box 231
Sumas, WA 98295

Freedom Design Cold-Air Intake

Electrodyne, Inc. introduces its Freedom Design line of cold-air intakes for the Mk4 Volkswagen Golfs and Jettas, with fitments for the 1.8T, 2.0L, 12-valve VR6, 24-valve VR6 engines and the 3.2 liter R32 engine. The system maximizes air flow, thereby increasing power and throttle response. Each kit includes a lightweight mandrel-bent polished-aluminum tube cut to the precise length for a perfect fit, a performance cotton air filter and a composite heat shield.

Electrodyne, Inc.
4750 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304

Tenzo Cold-Air Intakes

Each Tenzo cold-air intake system is developed to take advantage of colder, denser air through the front bumper area. The intake tube is produced of lightweight, mandrel-bent aluminum and is finished in a variety of powder-coated colors. The kit consists of two pieces to allow the convenience of removing the extended pipe from harsh weather conditions if necessary. At this time, only Honda and Acura applications are available.

20758 Centre Pointe Pkwy.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

WRX Intake From Cobb Tuning

The Cobb Tuning intake for the WRX utilizes a custom conical cloth air-filter element and a CFD-designed velocity stack leading to an unique air flow straightener grid. This grid is specifically designed to smooth the incoming air flow as it passes the mass air flow sensor for precise readings. This eliminates the “dead spots” experienced by other aftermarket intakes due to turbulence. No other aftermarket Subaru intake system utilizes these critical design elements.

Cobb Tuning
4673 South Cherry St. (440W)
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Woolf Aircraft Tubing

Woolf Aircraft is a major supplier to the professional racing circuits. Its bending dies enable it to provide the exact bend required for maximum power and tightest fit. It has made tubular intake manifolds using both aluminum and steel. Nowhere else can you find the size, range, quantity and types of tubes available at Woolf Aircraft. Using its stock elbows and materials, you can fabricate your intake or Woolf can fabricate it for you.

Woolf Aircraft Products, Inc
6401 Cogswell Rd.
Romulus, MI 48174

Turbo Cold-Air Intake System

The new turbo cold-air intake system from Wysco Products delivers 20 to 30 extra horsepower to a sport-compact car or truck by the use of a “turbo” motor that forces cold air into the engine to increase peak performance when needed. Get it now and feel the improved performance of the Wysco turbo cold-air intake system.

Wysco Products
13121 Spring Street
Baldwin Park, Ca 91706

DUB-air Intake System

DUB-air says that it has the one true pressurized cold-air, dyno-proven; show-quality polished stainless-steel intake system. The velocity stack filter, extreme flow intake tube and racetrack-proven t-bar clamps are all stainless steel. No rubber, aluminum or plastic components to deteriorate! Nearly every feature of this system is superior in quality, not only adding aggressive styling and sound but also producing more useable horsepower where you use it the most.

18239 South Figueroa
Gardena, CA. 90248

Racing Sports Akimoto

Racing Sports Akimoto says horsepower is its heritage. This originator and innovator of air-intake technology says that it manufactures a superior-quality 100% spun-aluminum filter top and base. No rubber! The flow-bench tested and state-of-the-art CAD-designed velocity stack base and air-diverter top filter provide unparalleled airflow quantity and quality. This achieves superior horsepower at the top of the power band and substantial torque increases in the normal driving range.

Racing Sports Akimoto
18239 South Figueroa
Gardena, CA. 90248

Granatelli Cold-Air Induction

Add a proven 55 rear-wheel horsepower to your 5.3L Silverado (per Chevy High Performance dyno test, September 2005, pages 88-91). How? Just add a Granatelli cold-air induction (P/N 410000), mass airflow sensor (P/N 350115-C) and ignition wires (P/N 28-1629S). The components meet strict OEM-quality guidelines and are OBD-II compatible with E.O. approval pending. The entire system installs in under one hour.

Granatelli Motor Sports, Inc.
1000 Yarnell Pl.
Oxnard, CA 93033